Saving project picture at actual size

I have a project in LightBurn that consists of a bunch of 2 and 1/2 inch diameter circles with a design inside. I want to open the preview window and save that photo at the same size as I have it in LightBurn. When I save it, it is not saved at the same size I have it set at in my LightBurn. The idea is to print it out on sticker paper, and then place the paper appropriately on my laser bed and use LightBurn to cut out the circular shapes. Is it possible to save my project photo at the same size that I have it set at in LightBurn? Thanks!

Have you tried saving your objects directly as a PDF or printing them to a printer?

I never thought to look for a print option under the file menu, so no, I did not try that. But what I did find to work was to export it as an svg, and go to and convert the svg to a pdf or jpg. Then it would print at the proper size. But it is difficult to line up correctly on the laser bed. Since I need four thousand stickers in the next two weeks, I’ve decided it’s just easier to have Vistaprint do it for me. Probably cheaper in the long run too.

by so many it is probably a good idea. But try the built-in print function from LightBurn, it works great for me.

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