SBase short breaks with PC but no problems with notebook

if i use my laser with my Win10 pc it have short braks in the job.

if i use my laser with my notebook, all is fine.
i use lightburn 9.20 with mks sbase an have win10 pc with ryzen 1800 and MSI X570 Board.
Bios and driver are up to date.

If i cut a line, the problem isall time the same position.

There is probably some difference in how each machine is configured. Unless you have an issue with Windows 10.

to day i have install Win10 on a other hdd.
if i test lighburn again and all is fine.

but what can i do to find the error in my windows10 without format the drive?

In preview from Lightburn i can see the probleme
So it is a problem from Lightburn :frowning:

if a tool availeble for clean uninstal lightburn
so that lihgtburn after new instalation no old data used.

Tabs must set to disable !!!

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