Scale an object with % arrow up an down

Hello Lightburn users,

If i would scale an object for example with 4% and i use the scale buttons and select it 4 times the object will scale but the value will be still staying at 100%. In other words i can not see how many percent it will be scale if i push the up or down arrows.

Or am i doing something wrong ???

Further it is a pleasure to work with Lightburn

Greeting from The Netherlands

Gerard Crommentuijn
2020-04-21T22:00:00ZPrecent 220420

The scale and rotate buttons are relative, and done this way because it is not always possible to show the current percentage.

For example, if I draw this 100mm square:

Then rotate it 45 degrees:

Then scale it 75%:

Then rotate it back 45 degrees:

What ‘Width’ and ‘Height’ scale percentages should I show now? There is no correct answer, so rotation and scale are always relative to the current size.

If you select two objects, with different scales, what is the correct scale to show?

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