Scale and DPI issue

Hey all,

enjoyin the software, but having one major anoyance which I’m sure is easy to fix if only I knew how!

I like to work my files up in Affinity - usually, Im working in print, so often as a default Im working to 300dpi, but in the case of laser cutting im moving over to 72dpi

But hers my issue - If I create a file in Affinity, 72dpi at A4, then export the artwork as an SVG, import into Laserburn the MM/CM scale is not maintained, and Im having to rescale everything un lightburn to match the correct dimensions.

Any idea why and how I can go about fixing it

Only been using the software for a day!

How much is the scale difference? LightBurn assumes SVGs are at the InkScape default of 96dpi. If you’re exporting at 72dpi, you might be able to just change the setting:

thank you! this is exactly what I was looking for!

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