Scale and position problem

Hi all,
My first time here and my 2nd day using Lightburn. My laser is JXZFIBER LMC4
I connect my laser without importing settings from ezcad, then found the image become 20% bigger than the original (both in the red flame and the actual workout). I tried to calibrate in lightburn and find the scale and positioning change in the red flame but the actual workout wont change.
Then i import the correction file from ezcad, then red flame and actual workout could match up with the original image. But i still could not adjust the positioning of the etching. I changed the adjust offset in the “Device settings”, then the following happened:

Image in the grid chart did not move
Red frame moved
actual workout did not move

Anyone know how to change? is changing from Ezcad then import back to lightburn a good solution? Many thanks.


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