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Hi Guy’s need some help i am trying to make a stencil i have the image i want but there is not a way to print it to scale in LB i have tried exporting it to other programs but then the image is not to the same scale is there a way to do this that i am not aware of i have tried the following exported the image through LB preview as png and jepg into gimp and inkscape but neither program imported the image to scale.
I am trying to use my printer to print a proof of size rather then burning through material in my laser.

thanks for any help

What are the dimensions of your image?
Is it already in Stencil format?

Hello and thanks for the reply the image is not in a stencil form it is just an image Jpeg the dimensions are in MM width is 154.686 height is 140 it would be great if i could print a test size directly from LB.

Sorry, but maybe I am just not understanding the issue. Just run the job on some scrap/cardboard to ensure things are sizes correctly and work as desired. What am I missing?

In lightburn just set the dimensions you want!

Exactly what @Rick said!

Hello and thanks again for all the reply’s yes i got the fact that i can just use my laser to burn a copy of the image and keep doing this until i get the size i need with a but this causing me to run the laser which dose have a life and not to mention using product to get there i thought maybe i was missing a tool in LB that would allow me to print directly from the software hey anyway thanks guy’s.

You should be able to tell the scale and dimensions of your project right within the Lightburn workspace.

Here is a video on resizing your work area that may help you.



The video above is very confusing to me and I know how to use LightBurn. :wink:

Controlling the exact size of the output project is what LightBurn is used for. I still don’t understand what issue you are trying to address. Select and size the artwork using the Width and Height controls near the top-left of the LightBurn screen. That is all there is to it. Are you having difficulties getting things sized correctly?

As for “printing” a test or sample, yes - you will use consumables when doing this just like every other output testing. If you are wanting to test the output of a 3d printer, or a vinyl cutter, or even a simple print from an inkjet printer - it will use up something with each test. This is why I suggest less costly comsumables like scrap and cardboard for testing the results.

Hi Guy’s my apologies it was pointed out to me that i failed to mention that there a numerous parts of the same image that need a separate stencil to be cut for different colors of the image it’s a pain to separate all the individual parts and then make them match the corresponding location they somehow become a little out of scale i am working on a solution to this thanks again to all.

Maybe you could show us what you are trying to accomplish with images so we can offer a potential workflow that will address your needs.

Not everyone out in the Internet-Uverse is as capable as you @Rick :wink:

I don’t know about capable, but not as confused as me maybe. :slight_smile:

I found that video to bounce around, offer unrelated or unclear instructions, provided inaccurate advice and in general was more confusing than helpful to me.

Thank you for offering the help. I did not mention it but please know, it is appreciated.

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Hello guy’s and again thank you all for your trying to help me out on this i think i have it resolved i was able to shirink the overall image to the size i needed and then separate all the individual parts then move them around and get them to fit all in one stencil piece of acetate going to cut on my laser and see how it goes so in closing thank you and please close this topic.

The guy in the video had good intentions as did I when I posted it. I just wanted @dennis to at least see the area in the software UI that addressed the size of the graphics then I figured he would be able punch himself out of the wet paper bag as he just posted.

That being said Thank you for acknowledging that I tried to help.

@Rick I think it would be a great idea to create a section on our forum that is a FAQ that points to threads that address the FAQs. This topic is a great example. I know we have a search feature however I dont think many use it to do research.

Cheers and thank you for all you do for Lightburn


All good and thanks for the nice compliment.

Can you provide an example of what you are proposing here? Always looking for better ways to present the information shared here.

We may need to break this into a new thread as to not bother the OP with this exchange, but what are you envisioning?

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