Scallop / Fillet / Chamfer tool

Hi there, is there a way to make scallops on corner with a tool, like chamfer or fillet? It can be done with circles and boolean diference tool but with too much corner it has been a big procces…

You can do a fillet, but it only fillets between lines. It does not fillet between a line and an arc, or 2 arcs.

You can also put fillets on a rectangle using the shape properties

TY. I was trying to do scallop, like corel draw… that is like a "inward"fillet

In ‘Shape Properties’, enter a negative number. :slight_smile:


That works great if I want all corners scalloped. But if I am interested in just one or two corners scalloped, note that the radius tool on the left toolbar does not accept negative numbers when editing nodes.

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Understood, we are just not there as yet. :wink:

TY Man! Love u So much!!! :kissing_heart:

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