Scan Offset adjustments Can't dial in outside and inside

I am trying to make my scan offset adjustment and I am having a problem with both inside and outside aligning correctly. I make a 1 inch square and set it to fill. I then add text in the center showing the speed and power. I set this to the same layer. I set the line interval to 75 LPI and run the product. I then adjust scan offsett based on the way the lettering looks. I can get the ends of the lines forming the letters and numbers to align but then the outside edges forming the 1 inch square do not line up. When I get the outside edges to line up then the ends of the lines forming the text and numbers do not and become unreadable. How do I get both to be crisp. I also cannot find the setting to change the white space move speed. Did that disappear in newer versions of lightburn?

Can you upload a photo of your results and a screenshot of your adjustments?

This would not be an option on Ruida controllers and is only valid for g-code devices.

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