Scan Offset Diode

If you enter say .05 for 1000 mm/m and 1.0 for 10,000 mm/m will lightburn compensate the curve for the other speeds in between or do you have to enter a value for each speed?

The LightBurn documentation indicates that corrections for other speeds will be calculated by LightBurn.

To compensate for this, measure the distance between the ends of the lines at each speed, and enter the speed and distance values into the scanning offset adjustment table. LightBurn will use this information to compute the correct adjustments for other speeds as well. A minimum of two measurements are needed for it to work.

Scanning Offset Adjustment - LightBurn Documentation (

As @berainlb says, LightBurn interpolates between the table values on either side of the speed you’re using. While you can use just two points, you’ll get better results with more table entries, because the offset variation need not be linear with speed.

Measuring at every 1000 mm/min from 1000 to 10 k mm/min should nail it down pretty well.

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