Scan offset question

Hello. I have had to replace the tube in my Blue and White Chinese 50/40w laser machine. The tube had slowly been losing power and finally fell over the edge last week.
Prior to that it was doing everything we asked of it well, if slower. Cutting, engraving wood, acrylic etc…
I have upgraded to a Reci 100w tube and ZYE myjg 100w power supply.
With alignments competed the machine is cutting beautifully, but engraving/scanning is a mess.
I believe that the beam ‘switch on’ is delayed as I am hearing a relay clicking in the power supply.
Turning off bidirectional scanning restores normal results but slow.
Scan offset has proven helpful, but I am missing something with results inconsistent.
I can line up the horizontal scan lines, but text in the test piece is a mess.
I am confused. :thinking: Hoping the attached pictures may help.