Scan Production QR Code

Hi guys, I’m thinking variable text but wondering if there’s a way to scan a QR Code on a production job sheet and have the strings of text applied to a variable. Preferably with a one-key start so multiple inexperienced operators are less likely to get it wrong. This is a factory setting. Thanks.

Interesting project. However, this would be done completely outside Lightburn.

You need a camera, QR code scanning software, and a programmer to make it all work. I doubt you will find any ready to go solutions.

By camera, do you mean in lieu of a scanner?

What I mean is whatever works for your situation. If you are talking about one of those portable handheld scanners like they use at the store, yeah that will work too.

My point was that you will have to set up an operation, independent of Lightburn, that can scan your QR code text into a CSV format file, and then tell Lightburn to use that file. The scanning into a CSV file can be done because I have done it, many years ago with barcodes, so the concept is nothing new.