Scan vs Cut Questions

I have a newbie question. I have an image that I imported from an svg file. The outside was cut and there were just letters inside the “cut box”. Both have a cut mode of line. How do you change this to cut or scan?

If you double click the layer coloured square in the cut list that opens up a dialog to change the settings for that layer.

Hope that helps,


This is a good post to review as a new user. A bunch of helpful tutorials and documentation provided worth reviewing.

The terms “Cut” and “Scan” were recently changed to “Line” and “Fill” because new users kept saying things like, “but I don’t want it to cut, I just want to do a light mark” and “how do I make it fill?” The terms were tripping people up, so they were changed.

Having said that, where you see “Line” can be clicked, and other options are in a drop-down, or you can double-click as David mentions, and see more options.