Scanning close to bedsize, overrun

I have still a lot to learn. Sofar my voyage was pretty smooth but today I ran into an scary issue while scanning (fill).

I was filling a shape close to the edge of the working area, Software didn’t give me indication nor my machine i am doing something wrong.
But when starting the fill the machine actually ran into its hardware which made quite a noise.

I was able to quickly pause the job to investigate. When using fill it seams the head overshoots quite a length by probably 30mm or so.

I am sure there are settings that need to be addressed and for sure it has something to do with speed and acceleration.

I tried to scan with 200mm/sec 400mm/sec 600mm sec and it all seems to be the same speed to me. it seems there is somehow a limitation to the settings I put into the layer. this limits must come from the software or also / or from the machine.

Can someone point me into the right direction where I need to start to look?

Thanks in advance

The machine would normally give you an error message if this happened - they generally know their own size and will stop to prevent this from happening. It’s possible the travel length for the axis isn’t set properly in the machine settings. Those would also be where the speed maximums and acceleration values are set.

200 / 400 / 600 should definitely be running at different speeds - at least the first two, certainly. I often see machines capped at 400 to 500 mm/sec, so it wouldn’t be too surprising if the last one didn’t change, but the first two should appear to be different, and 400 should overshoot much more than 200.

All of the settings that control this will be in Edit > Machine Settings. Tread carefully in there as there are things that control the overall behavior of the machine, like motor step lengths, travel speed and accelerations, machine size, homing directions, etc. If you change something unintentionally (and write it back to the controller) you can cause yourself some grief.

I have the same problem. I’m using a laser on a 3D printer with Marlin firmware. If I get too close to the edge the the working area, the machine loses its position and starts slamming into the gantry. It works everywhere else. Not sure if this is a settings issue or a Lightburn bug.

You don’t have the same issue, as you have a completely different laser (GCode based Marlin, with no hardware overscan support, compared to the original poster, who has a DSP controlled CO2 laser with overscan handled by the hardware itself).

Yours is quite likely mechanical, or you might have the work area size entered incorrectly in LightBurn. If the software thinks your machine is bigger than it actually is, it wouldn’t be able to properly warn you if you were too close to the side.

Thank you. From the original post, I couldn’t tell what kind of machine the poster had. I should have said, I have a similar problem. This does not occur if I set “Line” only if I set “Fill”. I am checking my work space size.

My workspace size is 300x300 in both LightBurn and Marlin, which is the physical size of the CR-10 bed size. I also tried removing the overscanning with no effect.

Also, this only happens close to the 0 X limit side of the workspace.

It’s possible that your motors slip a little, and are hitting the side. It’s also possible if that X=0 side has a limit switch on it that you’re hitting it, which could cause trouble too.

I’m not sure it is a workspace problem. It works fine in line mode and can even get closer to the X=0 side. It’s only when I turn on fill mode does it go off the rails. It’s not coming close to the limit switch until after it loses it’s position. I’m looking in the G code see where it gets lost.

Are you only changing the Fill / Line setting, or are you also changing speed or other settings as well?

I only changed from Fill to Line. No speed or power changes. Line works just fine. Fill crashes.

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