Scanning engraving issue

I have been trying to set the scanning adjustment offset in Lightburn and I get it pretty close. I do however have these artifacts sticking out and I have no idea how to get rid of them.

I have tried swapping out the driver for that axis, I swapped out the controller with a similar one.

These blocks are 10mm x 40mm with a 0.5mm spacing.

mm/sec is marked on the right

If this was the scanning offset issue, every second line would be out so i am pretty sure its not that, since this is the closest I could get the scanning offset to be.

Does anyone have any Idea what could cause this ?

If I zoom in on the image I can see an alternating pattern of artifacts; granted sometimes it’s worse than others. My thinking is mechanical on the larger ones. May be some slippage or backlash issues. Have you checked for looseness in that axis.

The axis is pretty tight, I would be very surprised if it is mechanical. I would expect to see it more often if it was backlash or mechanical.

I eventually replaced the Marlin/Arduino based controller with a Ruida Controller, which have resolved the is issue.

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