Scanning lasers?

Ive been looking into some scanning lasers. We have a series of wooden (5mm birch) keychains and other smaller things that take FOREVER to engrave on our Nova 35, but they cut out really quick from that machine. Option one… we print onto the wood after cutting (we have a flatbed printer). It would work, but not give the same look / results.

Option 2, we pick up a $5K laser for the season, fiber one with a lens that will let us engrave 3" wide areas, and run them one at a time (and perhaps automate it).

Other bonus of the fiber is letting us engrave and mark metals too.

Anyone here have experience? Will Lightburn run that machine too?

LightBurn doesn’t support galvo based lasers at this time. It’s something I want to do, but it’s going to be a while before I even know how feasible it is. I’ve done some initial traffic captures, but still fighting with trying to get the machine to talk to me through the stock device driver.

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Good to know. Someone on FB suggested they do not work as well, but rather hear it first hand.

Nothing makes a meh laser a good one like your software package. If we could get some nesting in there too… it would be FIRE. (using deepnest . io which is free with some good success)

the metal & wood fiber is not an option, you would need a co2 with scanhead which will do metal as good as your nova I guess.
Fiber laser for metal is not very usefull for wood

Yeah, that part slipped my mind. I found a couple CO2 scanning lasers, 30w, that are still in that price range.