Scanning object with camera to save dimensions

Is there a way to scan an object With camera and get exact dimensions of the object to be saved? I make a few things by hand and I thought it would save a lot of time if I had the template saved on the computer and used laser to mark out.

To my knowledge not as an automated process.

But you can take a photo and load the photo into a graphic software like Coreldraw or other and use the scale function (with the ratio lock applied).

It is important to have an object with known dimension in the photograph. A ruler would work.

Then you scale your entire photo so the ruler is shown with the exact original dimension.

Now you can save the resulted photo and go from there.

I hope this makes some sense to you.

Let me know if you need more detailed information.

The LightBurn camera system will take a picture of the object and scale it to real world dimensions in the software, but “exact” is a loaded term. Even calipers aren’t exact, they just have extremely fine error tolerances.

If your calibration is good and you capture the object with edges clearly defined, you might get within 0.5mm.

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