Scanning Offset Adjustment Erratic

From time to time the Scanning Offset Adjustment feature no longer works. It’s almost like I don’t have it turned on, but I never turn it off.

When this happens it does not matter how much I adjust the numbers, the offest is always the same, like I never even changed it. So, I reboot both engraver and software, and not only does the problem persist, the scan offest are offset completely the other direction, like I had entered a negative number…and when I reboot and restart, the offset is still wrong, but back to the orginal direction.

Usually a reboot is all I need, but this time…3 reboots later, the offsets are still wrong, and I cannot get it to work correctly. Fortunately I was only working on a leather keychain for myself and nothing for a customer, so what I messed up wasn’t that important.

Are you using “Flood Fill” for anything? It doesn’t work with that option enabled at the moment.

No, I’m not using Flood Fill. Never have. Not even sure what it’s for :slight_smile:

I haven’t heard of this before. Can you email me your preferences file? Go to File -> Open Prefs Folder, and email me the prefs.ini you find there. Send to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com, and mention that it’s in regards to the scanning offset randomly changing. I’ll have a look.

I just sent the email…

I’ve seen this myself - only when making a lot of changes to the settings during calibration. I’ve often had to wipe out all the adjustments, save, reboot and then re-enter them. I thought it was something at my end but perhaps not.

That actually worked for me. I wiped out all the settings, shut down and restarted LightBurn, added a low (100 mm/s), medium(300 mm/s) and a high speed (500 mm/s) settings. Ran a few tests and the alignment came back into place.

I actually see the same issue with rapid movements on my device (WRT sometimes the rapid movements work and other times they do not even though the setting is enabled)