Scanning Offset Adjustment - Need help with values

Was playing around with scan offset to try and dial things in, and am getting nowhere. Attached are some shots of the tests I conducted. See the following pictures for my results. Basically, I am looking for any help here. I am hoping I am just missing something fundamental. Thanks.

Example showing similar change with drastically different values

Sorry, can only upload one photo so picked this one to show strange results.

Here is my zero, offset enabled but no speed/offset implemented.

This one showing the spread around zero.

This one showing the closest I got, but with little/no change between values.

You’re making sure to use the proper speed associated with the offset when you run these, right?

Yes, everything was done at 400mm/s. Basically just ran the same image over and over changing the scan offset.

Under the image settings for the layer do you have overscan enabled? If not try turning that on with no offsets and see if that fixes your issue.(it causes the head to travel past the artwork edge a bit but should turn it off at the edge, keeping the lines lined up)

He has a Ruida - overscan is handled by the hardware. And it looks like -0.04 or -0.05 might be the ticket, based on the images you’ve shown. Positive numbers are way off, but if you were to rearrange your last image in numbered order, I think the offsets get less pronounced as you go from -0.01 to -0.03.

Ahh gotcha, Ruida handles a lot internally it seems. Might have to get me one to tinker with(yes i can get that bored lol)

Thanks. Will try both of those. What is best media for these tests? Paper? Cardboard? I just used some birch plywood I had laying around.

Thanks again.

Doesn’t matter much as long as it shows the color change well enough to see & measure it.

I have to confess. I found my issue, it was some testing I was doing with backlash. I had put in a large X backlash value to see the effect and forgot I left it in. Once I removed that, my squares became square again and my correction changed to -.02 which is now dialed in perfectly.

Thanks for the help, sorry for the irrelevant question.

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