Scanning Offset Issue - Maybe Not?

I’m having an issue with a GCODE 3D printer fitted with a 5.5Watt laser. The laser supports PWM and I’m using the parts cooling fan output.
At first I though this was a scanning offset issue but I went through setting the offset but it made things worse.
Also, its not turning on the laser for the box outline. Works okay with line only?

In addition to everything else, why does Lightburn call for the outline to be etched at 20% power when the layer is set to 40%? Here is start and end of the gcode

; LightBurn 0.9.14
; Marlin device profile, current position
; Bounds: X-18.79 Y0 to X18.79 Y10.03
; Scan+Cut @ 1900 mm/min, 40% power
M106 S0
G0 X-18.79 Y0.11 F0
M106 S0
G1 X1.58 F1900
M106 S102
G1 X34.42
M106 S0
G1 X1.58
M106 S0
G1 X-37.58 Y0.7
M106 S0

M106 S51
G1 Y-10.03 F6000
G1 X-34.42
G1 Y10.03
G1 X34.42
M106 S0
; return to starting pos
G0 X-17.21 Y-10.03 F0

And one other question. Why did the feed speed go up to 6000 for the outline of the box?
The layer speed is set to 1900.

I guess I’m just talking to myself but at least i figured out the 6000 mm/m setting. When i chose Line only the cut line was set to 1900 mm/m. But when i selected Line and Fill, the Fill stayed at 1900mm/m but the cut line jumped up to 6000 mm/m. After changing it in the layer the cut line was consistent. Not sure how that speed change happened in the first place.
The laser still fires higher when a fill line begins. And it starts erratically.
I’m not sure how to test if its the program or the laser.

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