Scewed images at laser end

Aloha from Hawaii not new to laser or cnc router and lightburn but last week made jump from 20w diode to 50w Chinese red/grey ruida controller RDC6442…
Thank you for add on to group…been doing great making signs with fonts and line art, everything lines up and burns clean but images are scewed at laser end but look normal in lightburn layer…photo with black tile is current issue the other photo is typical of what I can do with 20w diode…
I dont have any of the laser photos I’ve done but my main goal is to get up to speed on co2 photo lasering as bulk of what I will be using this machine for… again thank you for add on on…

since you’ve done signs without problems it seems to be mechanical… have you tried going at 50% the speed of your current settings? Otherwise I’d say the steps/mm are set wrong.

And any time something looks weird you should check your belt tension and report what you’ve tried when posting.

Here is one reason double posting causes issues. See the answer to this here:

ugh… I always ask them to remove one of the posts instead of leaving it there… Looks like they would have found their answer if they learned how to search and just used the search term “Skewed”. I hope they remember that and use it with their one remaining good eye. :wink:

I fixed skewed image issue in machine settings then in vendor settings then found value of 'PWM Rising Edge Valid and turned the X and Y axis…it didnt work at first then hit write after checking on both axis then closed and reopened lightburn…images are like 99 percent perfect, slight hardly noticeable taper on sides from top to bottom…I’ll try adjusting belts next…thanx again for your support

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