Skewed mages at laser end

Aloha from Hawaii not new to laser or cnc router and lightburn but last week made jump from 20w diode to 50w Chinese red/grey ruida controller RDC6442…
Thank you for add on to group…been doing great making signs with fonts and line art, everything lines up and burns clean but images are scewed at laser end normal in lightburn layer…photo with black tile is current issue other photo is typical of what I can do with 20w diode…
I dont have any of the laser photos I’ve don but my main goal is to get up to speed on co2 photo lasering as bulk of what I will be using this machine for… again thank you for add on on…

Posting the same thing in two sections is overkill. Folks will see what you post. :wink:

My apologies, first time this type of forum format…it wont happen again👍

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Can you show the settings for the image layer you used to make that tile? It looks like you’re skewing, but this usually happens in the X direction, not the Y axis, so I’m wondering if you ran the job vertically (at 90 degrees).

Image test on wood…burn at far right was started at 90°
that ended up leaving plywood…Left image started at 180°…much thanx

Ahh… then this is likely your issue:

Sorry but I’m stepping up from diode to co2 and do not know how to use ruida panel…is PWM there to resolve stepper motor isues?..if it’s in lightburn I couldn’t find it in Settings-Device Settings or Machine Settings…thank you for your patience and support :+1:

In LightBurn, go to Edit > Machine Settings, and all the way at the bottom, unroll the ‘Vendor Settings’ area and look for the X axis motor settings. In there you will file ‘PWM Rising Edge Valid’. Change that from what it is now to the opposite, and see if that helps.

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