Scorching during engrave

Does anyone have any idea why I am getting this scorching at the sides of the engrave? It appears to be happening where the laser head is turning around. I am using a k40 with a Cohesion3D board and air assist. Before the board change I was using K40 Whisperer with the stock board and didn’t have this issue.

You identify you are using a C3D controller but you have not included the firmware you are using to drive this system.

What do you have set for ‘Overscanning’ for that Layer?

You would need to enable overscan, as Rick shows above. DSP controllers do this automatically.

I turned on overscan and that fixed the problem.

I am using Smoothiware and have only been using Lightburn since Monday. Sorry if this was a simplistic question, still learning.

Thanks for your help.

That’s ok - it’s not an obvious thing.

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