Scouts BSA Arrow of Light Plaque

I’ve been asked to make these for a local pack. Using LightBurn I created the design (file attachedArrow_Of_Light_Sample.lbrn (1.6 MB) ). Pictured is the prototype on 3/4 inch (20mm) prime solid pine :slight_smile: . Layered to make the arrow and light beams is 1/4” poplar.


That looks great. What laser do you have? I’ve not tried any 3/4 wood on our 100w co2 Ruida.

That looks really nice! Great job and thanks for sharing :blush:

Thanks. Info on my machine within this post in a couple of places:

I think it looks great too. Although, the letters seem to be off a bit on text.

Maybe my 54 year old eyes just aint right no more. And that could be.

That’s intentional, the lettering. The fonts were specifically chosen for their organic properties.