Scratch Paper engraving

Hi all new here,

My question, I am engraving on scratch paper therefore I have an inverted image. The issue I have is that the machine engraves the image twice, and as you can imagine the second time it passes over it, it begins to cut the paper.

I have only one pass selected on the job, I have no other idea

Many thanks


You likely have 2 lines in the design itself. Either you have overlapping lines for some reason, possibly a duplicate object, or what you think is a single line is actually a stripe with 2 sides, with each side cutting along the line. Zooming in would reveal this.

Also step through the Preview. It should follow the actual planned path and reveal whether or not you’ll be going over the same spot twice. Good indicator to review what’s going on there.

Thanks for the quick reply

You are correct, I have checked and there are two paths!

Is there anywhere to rectify this?

This will depend on the specific circumstances.

How was this design created? This often happens with traced images where people are expecting a line to be a single line rather than an area in LightBurn.

Can you upload the .lbrn file here and describe or point out in a screenshot where this is occurring? Can you give more specific guidance with that.

It was just a piece of clipart that I was testing scratch etching with.

I inverted the image and then that happened.

I have ditched it for now, its taking up too much of my time.

Thanks for your quick replies


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