Screen Set Up right hand work panels

Hi just wondering, is there a way to make the right hand side bar smaller. It seems to now be taking up half the screen, im using 13 inch macboook pro. (see screen shot attached) i have moved it over as far as it will go by dragging it using the arrows that pop up when you hover over them

but that is the smallest i can get.

Hi Gary, I was just testing on my computer and looks like you can take the tabs out of the side panel and they turn into floating windows. The problem is, it doesn’t seem like you can move them “behind” the window with the work area.

I know you didn’t mention that you have a second screen but I was able to move those windows to my second screen and then I had my whole main screen with the work area.

Maybe someone else will have a better solution then mine.

Hi Alex, No just wanted to keep it on the laptop, but dont really need that much room for a few buttons. Yeah i know you can have them floating but then it all gets a bit messy. Thanks anyway maybe someone else has a solution.

I am able to increase/decrease the width of the right hand menus by hovering over the left hand side of the menu until the curser changes then click hold and drag. If this is what you mean.

If this doesn’t work for you try ‘Window>Reset to default layout’

This is worth a watch

Yes updated to latest Version and reset to default seems to have resolved the issue.

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