Sculpfun 30 Pro Max air assist

When I turn on my laser engraving machine SCULPFUN 30 pro max, the air assist immediately turns on.

is there a setting in Lightburn to turn off the air assist until it is needed?

The Cut Setting Editor provides an Air switch on each layer that you can also tweak in the Cuts and Layers window.

However, turning that switch on just inserts commands into the G-Code going to the laser controller. In order for those commands to control the air pump, the microcontroller in the laser must be set up to recognize the commands, switch an output pin, and have a relay switching the air pump motor.

Desktop lasers typically omit the pin & relay to reduce costs, which means the pump is connected directly to the power supply and is always buzzing away. You can splice a manual switch into the cable, but that obviously isn’t as convenient as automatic control.

Thanks a lot. I think I will have to put a switch in between. The sound of the air assist is driving me crazy when I am bussy drawing. Thanks again!!

So, first, make sure we are talking about the correct thing. The air assist is the extra pump that is connected to the controller box of the laser.
There is an additional cooling fan on top of the laser head, that can’t be turned off at all. Which one are you referring to?

In case it’s the cooling fan: there is nothing you can do about it, but you don’t need to have the laser turned on while preparing your projects. You can run LB fine without the laser connected and then only turn it on when the job is ready to be sent.

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