Sculpfun A9 40w Laser Cutter

Hi all, greetings from the Sunshine Coast Queensland AUS, if you are reading this then I would guess you are interested or doing Laser cutting and engraving. I have had my Sculpfun A9 since Christmas and have been having a lot of fun, although because this is a 40w laser was expecting great things but I am disappointed with the performance of this 40w Laser and wondering if I have got something wrong when setting it up. I would like to start my inquires with asking those with around the 40w powered Lasers to post what speed and power settings they can get when cutting plain 3mm ply the indoor type with white glue , I have to use a setting of 100% power at 450mm/min to make sure I get a full clean cut all around the shape I might be able to push it to 500mm/min but could get some places not cut through . I clean the lens every day I use it and have the air pump that came with the Laser running when cutting. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

I have the A9, but I never cut below 1000 mm/min at 90%. It’s advisable to use faster movements and multiple passes instead of a slow single pass. You will have less charring as well.
That being said, the next factor is your material. “ply” is just a generic term, there is poplar ply (soft) birch ply (much harder) and many others. Then, there is also laser grade plywood, which contains a glue that is easier to cut. With “standard” ply, you can have a manufacturer that uses a glue that is nearly impossible to cut. Or the glue is distributed extremely uneven.
I will do a material test today if I find some time, then I can post some settings. Meanwhile, I recommend reading this: Settings guide - Diode Laser Wiki

I too am considering one of these. I tried cutting 5mm bamboo cutting boards, and managed it in 6 passes with my S30 Pro (10w), once. Later tries, after maybe the boards absorbed some moisture, 10 passes would not cut clean through, but almost did.

I took one of the bamboo cutting boards to a local laser shop with a 60w CO2 machine. He too could not cut through in 10 passes. He also tried doing 20 passes slightly out of focus (not sure why), but still no joy. I think he said he was running 30w or so. So… Me wanting a CO2 machine vaporized.

I would dedicate this machine to cutting and maybe pass-thru burning. The 10w machine I would save for precision work and engraving.

Here is the question for @misken : My S30 Pro was 99% Plug & Play. How much effort was needed to set up your machine with Lightburn?

The A9? It’s the same. It’s mostly the same architecture, just add a new grbl laser device to LB and you are done. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback. I took a shot and ordered one yesterday.

Don’t be shocked by the beam size :slight_smile: If you are coming from a 10W Sculpfun head, the beam size of the A9 40W is huge. And it won’t get much smaller if you switch it to 20W. The A9-20W version is much better in terms of details.

No worry, I already saw the specs. More prisms means less precision.

The S30 gets the precision work. The A9 gets the rough work. At least I will have machines so I can do both. Scroll saw versus chainsaw, right?

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