Sculpfun Cam 500

tried to set up camera - got to area where it aligns camera usine the 1,2,3,4 numbers in corners - wow is it ever out of wack dosen’t burn in area it should and is the a command you have to put in to get camera to turn on

Too few detail. Are you using it on a extended frame? Otherwise it will frame the numbers in the center of the workspace (the camera only works in the center, you can’t place the camera anywhere else).
You can adjust the size by the size factor, if you don’t have a sheet big enough. But the bigger, the better.
Of course, you need to home the laser first.
Some more background:

Not using on extended frame - standard S30 frame with limit switches

And where does it try to put the numbers? Should be roughly the same distance from each corner of the workspace…

I didn’t let machine finish as it was burning at the very bottom left side of work
space - the instructions said to place paper in center of workspace (about 8" square pice of paper) but started burning as above - something is out of wack - will try again today and make sure I follow instructions to the letter. Thanks for reply.

Yes, that it maybe a bit misleading. Placing the paper in the center is correct, but the size is depending on the workspace you set. You might use an A3-paper or put some pieces together to get a size big enough. You can also scale the pattern down, but this can decrease quality afterward.

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