Sculpfun dont run.

Hi I have a problem with my sculpfun s9.
Suddenly it stopped working. When I frame or start instead of starting the laser, the “streaming” starts on laserburn but the laser does not move and does not burn.
Also I noticed that if I preview the project the time parameters and other parameters are all busted example 8: -254342564634.
How can I try to solve. I’ve tried on different computers it always does the same thing.

I had a problem something like this. I had to set my cut/layer color to default and re-enter the speed and power settings. Might be worth a try.

nothing to do is wrong.
Does anyone have any other ideas I’m desperate.
Also I do not understand why the buffer advances but the machine does not move and does not burn.

you can try to re-flash the firmware. The procedure is descibed here: Firmware Update & Settings - Diode Laser Wiki

in the meantime, thank you very much.
I wrote the signature software and now GO!
The problem is that now:
It moves slowly, it doesn’t stop at the axles but crashes.
What can it depend on now? how do i configure it normally?

FLASH the controller means EVERYTHING is overwritten and nothing is saved. Did you re-enter the GRBL $$ parameters? Please tell me you printed out a copy of the listing…!

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Did you use the firmware that was provided on the page mentioned above? That one should be configured correctly for a Sculpfun laser. If not, check the firmware values as Mike suggested, using the table that is listed on the same website at the bottom. Most likely your steps / mm are set to 250 instead of 80 and some other values like the acceleration won’t fit as well.

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