Sculpfun S10 installing limit Switches


Recently I bought a Sculpfun S10 and installed 2 limit Switches, the Hardware installation went very well.
As suggested in the Video of Sculpfun I needed to update the firmware for using the Limit Switches.
So I downloaded the Files, started GRBL to upload the firmware but to my surprise the GRBL software expects a Hex file (cannot be set to another format) and the file downloaded contains a BIN File!?

Someone any idea’s how to succesfully update the Firmware? Or is it better to use another application for it wit “better” firmware?

I also read that sometimes the firmware doesn’t need to be updated, so I tried it and started Lightburn, but then I receive a message that “homing cycle is not enabled in your grbl settings” which means I think that an update for the firmware is needed.

Hopefully someone has an answer.

Thanks in advance

This is an excellent resource from one of the Regulars around here.

Thanks John, I will take a look at it.

Why not start here? If you installed Homing switches, you just need to “turn them on”.

You can do this thru the Console window or by using the Lightburn Machine Settings window, which is easier because the parameters are described. Parameter $22 is what you are looking for. You should already have Soft Limits turned on. Do not turn on Hard Limits because that requires switches at both ends of the travel.

Flashing the controller board should be the last step in troubleshooting.

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As Mike said, you most likely don’t need to flash the firmware, just enable limit switches in firmware configuration. That should be sufficient in most cases. Here is some additional information if the laser does not move into the correct direction when homing: Limit Switches - Diode Laser Wiki

Hi All,

Thanks for all the information it was very helpfull, with your help I was able to install the Limit Switches. succesfully.

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