Sculpfun s10 low power

Hi, a few months ago I decided to clean the lenses on my sculpfun s10, because i saw that i had to lower the speed in order to cut wood. Since then i struggled a lot to cut everything. I tried reinstalling lightburn, fixing the S-max value and changing motherboard. Even after all of this at 200mm/min 95% i can only cut paper and slightly engrave wood. Any help is apprappreciated. Thank you.

Reinstalling software is a last resort, It sounds like your lens protector is dirty or damaged, if it is damaged Cloudray sell them on Amazon for a few bucks, just a matter of getting the correct size.

Thanks, is Cloudray the seller?
If so, he sells products only for CO2 lasers, while the s10 is a diode laser

I have bought lens protectors for 2 of my diodes from Cloudray

You should clean the lens very regularly. Not only every few months. Depending on usage, this can be daily.
After exchanging the lens, make sure that nothing blocks the way of the laser beam, typically the o-rings of the air assist nozzle drop into the beam path. Triple check this. Do the wall test to see if the beam is not disturbed.

So I took apart the laser and saw that the Irving moved and blocked the path of the laser, so I ordered a new one on Amazon and it’s fixed.

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