Sculpfun S10 strange behaviour

I´m sorry but I’m relatively new to this laser thing, and i need some help.
I have a sculpfun s10 that in the first 2x seemed to work fine but then it started doing what I show you in the video (you tube link).
I’ve been researching on forums, videos and tuturials but I can’t come to a conclusion.
can you help please?

Try a couple of things:

  1. I assume your machine does not have homing switches. If it does then please correct me. Manually home your laser by turning on the laser with the laser head manually positioned at front-left of machine. After this point, never move the laser head by hand. Use jogging controls in Move window exclusively to move the laser.
  2. Change the “Start from” mode in Laser window to Absolute Coords. This is the most intuitive mode to use until you’re more familiar with the function of your laser. Basically the position in your workspace is the location on your laser bed where it will burn.

Additionally, to PYs comments, have a look here for a more in-depth explanation: Coordinate systems & workpiece alignment - Diode Laser Wiki

JI, sorry for the late response.
Got it, it Was a laser head cable “semi-connected”, if u know what i mean… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: