SCULPFUN S30 PRO MAX firmware update


New owner of SCULPFUN S30 PRO MAX here.

How can I find out what exactly firmware version do I have?

On official site: there is “S30 Firmware Refresh”.

Inside is “sculpfun-S30-BT0804”. Is that right one for my device?


First question: WHY do you want to update? There is usually no reason to do so unless there is a technical problem. You can choose the versions here, they are tested and listed for each version: Firmware Update & Settings - Diode Laser Wiki

I have some problems like this:

It seems second pass (cutting through) is not aligned properly.

I wanna star fresh with new firmware.

The firmware won’t change anything here. Those are mechanical issues. Either the mechanics is stuck at some point (air assist hose or cable is stuck, wheels don’t move, rail not enough lubricated), some screws are loose (very common issue) or settings were wrong (not that likely).
Go through this guide:

Afterward, you can try to flash the firmware again, but this won’t change mechanical behavior. You can also reset all firmware settings by sending $RST=* in the console. This has the same effect.

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