Sculpfun S30 Pro VIRTUAL TRAP

Hi, i get my Sculpfun S30 Pro max a few days ago,
seems that the machine is not working properly, we had try everything explained in Official groups and also follow procedures in Software manuals, and even download the official Drivers from the official page.

The s30 doesn’t get the right position, instead is going outside the virtual area, i can attach some media if needed.

Try this:

  1. Use Absolute Coords as the Start From mode in Laser window
  2. Home laser
  3. Retest

What is the behavior?

Also, in case you’re not aware, you are looking from the right side of the laser.

Hi, i try this before even, but not works.
Im frustrated rn about this issue

Can you describe exactly what happens when you make the adjustments above?

Also, what are you doing when the issue occurs?

Please provide the following:

  1. Full screenshot of LightBurn with the design loaded and the Laser window showing
  2. Screenshot of Device Settings window
  3. Run these commands in Console and return the output. Note that this will home the laser so be aware:

I’m just waking up from Christmas fests, will be back soon with the values

Below you can find the results running above commands:
Homing fail. Could not find limit switch within search distance. Defined as 1.5 * max_travel on search and 5 * pulloff on locate phases.

Target buffer size found




And attached you can find the Screenshots taken

You have “User Origin” set for your Start From mode. Change to Absolute Coords and use that exclusively until you’re very familiar with how your laser works?

Also, can you confirm that your machine has homing switches? When instructed to home, did the laser head move to the front-left? Can you describe exactly what happened? The error message is indicating that homing failed.

Did you change these values or attempt to run axis calibration? This is likely the primary cause of your issues.

These are extraordinarily fast values for homing. Did you change these?

When I try re homing the laser just decrease in X Axis like 2mm, and then shows the error, and for the values no, it just came like default, can you help me with calibration?

Not absolutely sure about these values but run this in Console:


These should at least get you close enough where you can start validating.

Make sure you are using Absolute Coords. Home, then retest.

Thank you so much bro, this works, also I have another question, how long it takes to replace the lens of the laser? And how long is the life time of laser module working 80% of power like 3 hour a day 4 days a week

This will depend on the laser module. I think I saw that Sculpfun modules have easily replaced lenses. So lens replacement should only take a few minutes. However, if you need to unmount the module from the chassis then that could take longer.

This depends on a lot of factors. The diodes themselves from a reputable manufacturer like Nichia specify lifetimes of 10,000 hours. However, that’s when working under specified conditions. However, the reality is that the laser module manufacturers are overdriving the diodes and stressing them in conditions beyond the base specification. It’s also likely that these diodes aren’t necessarily coming from top manufacturers.

From various things I’ve seen the laser manufacturers anticipate these lasers to last roughly a year of modest use knowing also that there are likely to be a good number of premature deaths. I’d assume that with fairly heavy use like yours that it wouldn’t make it to one year. I’m fairly pessimistic about lifetime of these lasers, though, especially the ultra high wattage ones. If this is critical to the work you do and you can’t afford any downtime then I’d suggest having one on spare.

Also note that these modules don’t typically die entirely. You’ll see a degradation of performance over time.

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