Sculpfun S30 Ultra w/ Extension?

Has anyone successfully configured the Sculpfun S30 Ultra 33w to work with the Y-axis expansion kit?

I attempted to do this, but now my laser is very weak. I assume the increased length of the cables is impacting the power supply.

If you haven’t already, see if you can double check the connections for the new harness. If you have a volt meter you could also check each wire to make sure it passes all the way through. That would just be a basic continuity test. I would guess a loose or broken wire would be more likely than an issue due to length.

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Just to make it clear in the beginning: there is NO extension kit available for the S30 Ultra series!
People constantly ask and mixing things, the extension kits DO NOT deliver the correct cables for the Ultra laser heads.

Therefore, it’s probably not only the length, but also the cable diameter that doesn’t fit. Additionally, you should have noticed that the connector for the laser head does not fit as well.

Yes, I am aware the expansion kit is not made for the Ultra. I learned this the hard way after opening the box and realizing the cables are not compatible. Sculpfun should have created a new model number for the Ultra to avoid confusion with the other “S30” machines.

Anyway, I had a family member (who is a licensed electrician) lengthen the wires of the Ultra cables so that I could use the expansion kit, but it drastically reduced the strength of the laser.

I’m hoping to find someone who was able to configure the Ultra cables to work with the expansion kit.

Just change the current cable with a cable with a bigger diameter. That should do it. You can also mount the control box above the laser and use the old cables.

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I am not sure what you mean when you say mount the control box above the laser and then use old cables. Could you help me with this as I am facing the same issue here. Sculpfun themselves do not seem to have any interest in helping out or sorting out this issue. I would appreciate you help. Thanks

Remove the control box that sits in front-right and mound it on the roof of an enclosure. If the cables start from the middle of the laser, you can reach the full area with the old cables. I will try to find some pictures of Facebook users that did this conversion.