SculPfun S6 and S6pro 60W Lightburn software version

Trying to figure out what version of light burn do I use for my Sculpfun S6 60W engraver

You would minimally need the g-code version. DSP also includes g-code if you also happen to need DSP.

I’m a new user in this stuff so could you explain to me what a DSP is?

Actually what’s the purpose of DSP?

DSP controllers tend to come on the more industrial CO2 lasers. They have standalone job management capability and don’t need to be connected to the computer to run a job.

G-code controllers require computer connectivity.

If you only have g-code devices then there’s no need for the DSP version. You can actually upgrade to the DSP version later if required.

I was thinking about the DSP version because I have little or no internet access out here where I am at however the g code alone should work for now if it costs more to do the upgrade.

Since I’ve already purchased light burn: my only question is how do I determine the right controller within my engraver to match the proper download of the many that you have there?

The booklet I got didn’t expressly mention what controller is in the unit

Neither DSP or g-code versions require Internet to function. The major difference is whether a computer need to be hooked up to the machine at all times to function. DSPs can run stand-alone in the sense that if you transfer a file to the DSP controller, it can run the job on the laser by itself. G-code controllers require to be connected to the computer at all times. However the computer itself need not have internet connectivity.

I’m not sure if I understand the basic question. There is no difference in the download between for controller type. The same software supports all types of controllers as long as you are licensed for them. The only choice that needs to made in the download is for operating system. It looks like you have Windows. So only need to choose between 64-bit and 32-bit downloads based on your system. Bottom line, if you can run 64-bit, do that. If you cannot then run 32-bit. Most Windows installation these days are 64-bit.

I believe the Sculpfun lasers use a GRBL based controller that speak g-code.

Ok that helps but now that I have purchased the software; what specifically, am I downloading from it if I’m running windows 10 and want to use 64 bit?

Go to the official download page located here:
Download & Trial - Try before you buy – LightBurn Software

Scroll down on the page until you see the links for the various downloads.

Click the link called “Windows 64-bit version”.

Wait for the file to download and install.

I’ll refrain from posting the direct link here since others who read this later may run into a stale or old link.

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