Sculpfun s6 pro Y axis no movement

Hello there, I found today that the Y axis doesn’t move. The stepper motor make a noise but can’t move. I change the motor and the cable as well but the problem still there. Any solution on that issue?

If you take the stepper by itself without belts on, can you see movement on the stepper shaft+pinion?

If you completely exchanged the motor and cable, then it looks like the board (stepper driver) is broken. But usually, it’s more a matter of wiring and the torque, as PY suggested. If you put the y cabling to the x motor, does that one start to stutter then?

No nothing, just a noise without movement

If you swap X and Y cables does the problem move to X motor or stay on Y?

Yeap, the problem moves to X axis. Probably the issue is on the board

Or a problem in the cable.

Are you able to test known good cable from Y on controller to X motor?

Hi my S6 Pro has done this and I have swapped cables and the motor works. so how would I resolve this ??

Usually, you should try to replace the cable. Or at least the connectors. Those tend to break if not fixed properly.