Sculpfun S9 Axis Issue

I ran into an issue where my X axis is not responding anymore. I’ve checked cables by switching them for the Y axis and they work fine. The motors both work fine. I have reasons to believe somethings wrong with the board itself or just the pin ports.
X port pin and or the stepper driver I suppose might be to blame but I checked them all for continuity and voltage using a multimeter and they seem fine.

Any idea ? I’ll be getting an mks 32 board and a4988 drives anyway but I’m just curious how would you go about figuring what exactly’s going wrong and where.

—Lightburn Console after trying to move left or right:
Waiting for connection…

Grbl 1.1h [‘$’ for help]




Target buffer size found





Starting stream

G21 G54


G1 X21.5 Y0 F606 S0



Show your firmware settings. Sometimes they get corrupted and break function. If those are ok, I suspect the board as well if you swapped the cables and the motor works fine…

Thanks, I did check countless of times the firmware settings but just now I noticed the error. Cheers.

Please share the error that you saw so others may benefit from your discovery. :slight_smile:

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