Sculpfun S9 engraving/cutting settings

I’ve bought a Sculpfun S9 laser and would appreciate any assistance on power/speed settings from members using the same.
Any test cards for engraving and cutting on the different types and thicknesses would be a great help to start me on the right track
Thank you.

I also got a S9 since january and presets are not really helping.
Each wood, cardboard, etc behaves differently, also I use an air assist which influences these values as well as diode-lasers have some wear over time, so you need to adjust the presets at some point.
Long story short, you have to make your own presets.

Your best option is to use a test pattern, that you can keep for each material so you can get back to it, whenever needed.
Mine looks like this:

The 3 rows (black, blue, red) each consist of 10 5x5mm squares, where each square has its own “Power Scale” setting under “Shape Properties”. So starting from 10% to 100%.
The 3 rows just differ in speed 20, 40 and 60 mm/s.
This gives you a quite good representation on what speed/intensity you want to engrave, while still being very small and not wasting much material for tests.

The interval in the sceenshot is set to 0.1mm which is probably wrong and I’ll go with 0.2, until I can measure dot size / shape of the laser to correct it.

The right part is a cutting test at 5mm/s and 80%, but with increased pass count (1-5).
I can cut 3mm birch/mdf at ~4 passes and balsa at ~2 passes.

I’m not quite sure on what else should be part of the material test pattern yet, but there is probably something I m missing for now. Probably a small grey scale image and dot test would make sense.
Anyway, to get started and develop a “feeling” on values, this is a good starting point.

I still need to define

  • tolerance when cutting precise parts to allow sliding or press-fit
  • dot size / shape of the laser to precisely calculate dpi&speed for engraving images
    Not sure if it makes sense to include in a material test or if it is the same for all materials.
    If you happen to get some approx. values for those before me, I would love to hear them.


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Thank you Sebi. I’ll setup a few tests for my machine.

I would highly recommend you to use a test card on every type of wood that you wanna engrave. every wood is different. Also make sure to always clean your laser lens after engraving or cutting with a q-tip and alcohol, because the smoke leaves stains on the lens which will reduce the power by time. Here’s the test card I use:

Since there are a lot of question on which settings to use with Sculpfun lasers, I collected some guidelines here: Settings guide - Diode Laser Wiki