Sculpfun S9 Laser Cutter: Support for motorized Z-axis with BL Touch probing sensor in Lightburn?

I recently purchased a Sculpfun S9 Laser Cutter along with Lightburn.

As the Laser head has a fixed focus I’m looking into options for a motorized Z-axis with touch probe. I came across this Thingiverse item, which uses the BL touch sensor.

The Sculpfun uses an XY DLC v1.0 controller board, which has both connectors for a Z motor as well as a probe:

So the question is: Can Lightburn control the Z motor and BL touch sensor combination?

The interesting/tricky bit is that the BL touch has a probe which extends when needed and rejects when not, as shown in this video at 9:49.

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Likely the only chance of this working is if you could get the BL touch to work like a traditional homing switch for the Z. In that case, assuming that Sculpfun has enabled Z homing in their firmware then you have a chance this could be made to work.

LightBurn really wouldn’t be involved in the process. The controller would handle the homing and report back coordinates to LightBurn.

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Wouldn’t Z probing through homing require that the material/object to be cut/engraved is located at position XY 0,0? That’s not necessarily always the case.

Once homed, you can use material thickness properties to account for material thickness. It’s a function of the material library or as a one-off in cut settings.

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