Sculpfun S9 Laser- Design Gets Cut Off At Bottom

Hey folks!
Looking for a little help with my sculpfun s9 laser

For some reason the bottom keeps getting cut off (picture included)

I believe the laser is starting too late and is causing the design to get cut off.

I am using the same file with my other two lasers and they work fine, it only happens to this laser.

Wondering if anyone could help me figure this out

Thank you kindly :slight_smile:

Two things come to my mind:

  • You misaligned the piece in such way that the laser can’t reach it. Either it crashes into the frame (ok, I guess you would notice that), or some cabling like the air assist hose is hindering the axis from moving correctly
  • You did not fix the laser cable correctly, which causes the cable to loose contact once it’s in a certain position. You can test by turning on the fire function and twist and bend the cable. Make sure it’s fixed to the frame, the cable at the connector should not move at all during movements of the laser head.
    Some comments on this: Guide to mechanical adjustments and maintenance

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