Sculpfun s9 lost power

My sculpfun s9 was running fine but suddenly seemed to loose power to the diode. The power supply box still has a blue light but no light on the diode and the fan doesn’t run either. I’m a complete novice- Any help appreciated

First thing to check is anything that moves and has an electrical connection…

Check the laser module and it’s connectors. Sometimes just a good wiggle is all it takes…

It sounds like the laser module is not getting power… or you’d have a running fan.

Do you have a voltmeter to check the voltages to the module?


If the fan doesn’t work, there is no power to the module. The most common user error is not to fix the control cable to the slider. The cable may not move inside the connector at any time! Check here for a complete guide on how to test your module and how to set it up properly next time: Guide to mechanical adjustments and maintenance

Thanks for the replies! I completely disconnected everything and reconnected again and resolved it. Something must have come loose so thank you! However, when I ran another project, the laser seemed to start out fine but half way through the job the alignment went off. Started leaning to the left. I don’t have time today to fully investigate but is this a common issue?

I would not call this a common issue in itself, but it is very common that you carefully need to tune your mechanics. It’s not possible to have it tuned in factory, you need to do it yourself. The link above has plenty of examples of what you have to check.

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