Sculpfun S9 - Machine crash, vibration noise on startup

Hello, I am having this same problem on one of my computers.

On startup (laser head in bottom left - in agreement with the set-up) … and once I have a connection to the PC, the laser is trying to go to somewhere further left and down. It vibrates against the frame for a few (agonising) seconds. When I do a check position … it is X -615 and Y -615.
I have tried closing LB and restarting - but the same thing happens.
I have even removed and refound and added the laser several times, and I have uninstalled LB software and reinstalled … but still the same thing happens.
I tried connecting to a different PC - and it functions as expected.

It seems that the software set up on my laptop is somehow at fault - even if all files have been removed, after a reinstall it still retains the name of the machine and this strange set-up.

Was this computer also running LightBurn?

Can you send a screenshot of Device Settings?

Also, start the machine with head at lower left and run these commands in Console. Copy/paste results here please:


Hello, yes the other PC was also running LB - same version.

Here are the screen settings


I will try the console commands now and report back

Console commands / responses
Target buffer size found

The problem seems to be the <Idle|MPos:-615.000,-615.000 … which doesn’t clear when restarting LB (even after deinstall/reinstall)

OK - I think I have found the “problem” … which is more “new user error”!

Looking at the device settings - on the problem PC there was the “Auto home on start up” activated … this was causing the laser head to seek some position way to the left and below the actual start point.
(the -615, -615) … deactivating this brings me back to a normal expected behaviour.

Thanks for your help - hopefully this post might help another “newbie” …

Looks like you found it. Figured it was something on the Device Settings screen since you indicated that the same laser worked on a different computer. This meant that it likely wasn’t something in the GRBL configuration itself since that would stay with the machine on either computer.

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Since it’s a different problem and it looks like your solution may help inform others I’ve moved this to its own thread. Congrats on crushing out your first obstacle.