Sculpfun s9 NEW in box and received today! 3mm wood cut in 25 rounds on speed 50 and 100pwr

Hello Guru`s

I created a basic design to assess the capabilities of the S9, and I came across an excellent tutorial video on YouTube demonstrating how to efficiently cut such a design using the S9. The video recommended settings of 180 speed, 100 power, and 4 passes. Upon applying these settings, the machine started cutting, although a minor surface scratch appeared. After some experimentation, I managed to optimize the settings, enabling me to successfully cut 3mm plywood (demo wood from Sculpfun) at 50 speed, 100 power, and 25 passes and this works, but this is not normal. All S9 systems are cutting much faster in a higher speed using 3mm plywood…

Device is found successfully and operates on COM3

Can someone help me figure this out or have any tips?

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Fixed it! put the settings on mm/min :crazy_face: now it is working!

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Great you solved it. See here for tips:

Glad you fixed it ! I find often it is user error… lol. Have fun with your new toy.

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