Sculpfun s9 X axis stopped working wont move left or right

getting no error codes and if i frame a job it only moves forward and back Y no X movement

is the “enable rotary” on? If not, check all wires and connections from stepper to mainboard.

Most likely a connection issue. Swap the x and y motor cables and check if the error moves to the other axis. Then the cable is broken. First, you can also try to unplug and replug the connector. Usually, users do not fix the motor cable to the slider properly, which will make it able to wiggle around while the head is moving. The cables will break sooner or later in this case.

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Thanks for the quick replys the enable rotarty is off so i think it is a connection problem, i have swapped the x and y round and it does look like a conection problem, the motors will work if connected to X axis cable , Ill get a new cable , thanks for the help

I would first swap the entire cable to check if thats is indeed the problem - it could be the stepper driver that is fried, but this is soldered to the mainboard, so if this is where the problem lies, you would neeed a new mainboard.

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