Sculpfun stopping in mid burn while laser is still on, burning zig zags in project

I’ve just been practicing to get my settings right. I’ve only had it for a month. I started on a project. The laser would sometimes stop and have a loud hum and stall while framing the project. While it’s cutting out the design it will stop while the laser is still on and go left and right burning zig zags in the project. I’ve checked all belts and I don’t know what the issue is.

A few pictures will help show us what that means.

If you haven’t gone through the complete tune-up process, doing so will eliminate a whole bunch of possible problems:

You may not have hit any of those yet, but you surely will! :grin:

Yup, do the whole mechanical tuning thing, paying particular attention to smooth motion and snug setscrews.

Thank you. I did the tune up. The y axis was extremely tight from the factory. I was able to tune it to where the y axis to slowly slide down on the tilt test. Still havent been able to loosen the x axis to have it slide on the tilt test. Its still pretty tight. The bracket that tightens the belt seems to have no affect on it. Any ideas on how to loosen it.

Not having a Sculpfun, I have no specific suggestions, but the general idea is that anything that can be incorrectly assembled can be, to the extent that you must get comfortable with taking the whole thing apart and putting it back together while paying attention to details like aligning shafts, not overtightening nuts, and so forth and so on.

You’d assume such care would happen in the production line, but that seems a very optimistic assumption. :grin:

This may not be a function of belt tension. This could be caused by over-tightened wheels for the laser module mount depending on the model of laser you have.

Which model do you use?

I have the s30 10w. I contacted lightburn customer support. I was told that the zig zags are from a pirated version of lightburn even though I downloaded my software directly from the website. After working with it. It seems like it only grinds in one area of the work area, upper right side. Anywhere else is smooth.