Second laser does not fire

Hi there, I have a two head laser with a Rudia 644XS controller. I can’t get the second laser to fire - only laser one fires. I can pulse test the second laser, so I know it’s operational. As you can see from the screen shot, I have the second laser chosen and enabled; yet, only laser one goes on. Your thoughts?


which machine are you running? In lightburn go to edit>machine settings and scroll all the way down to laser settings click the drop down and make sure all the parameters match for laser 1 and laser 2.

Hi there, thanks for your response. You can see in my setup, I have two heads, 100mm apart.

Going into machine settings, it does read two laser heads. Both heads are enabled. In the cut settings, I have laser 2 enabled. Yet, when I cut, laser 1 is the only one that fires.

I have found a work-around in RDWorks. When I create an array of an object, set the second object to be 100mm to the right of the first object, and then turn off laser 1, only laser 2 will fire and cut then.

Your thoughts? Thanks,

Also, here’s my configuration. I have the two heads 100mm apart. Thanks.

Hmm, im stumped. It seems all your settings are in proper order. I also have a dual head machine and run lightburn exclusively and haven’t had an issue between the two yet. What brand is the machine? which dsp controller is it using?

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