Second laser not detected

Hello, First of all, forgive my bad english. I have a red & black 80w chinese laser wirh a Ruida controller. Today I tried to install a diode laser, as second laser (NEJE 0.5w). I connect the laser ttl to l-an2 and L-on2 of the Ruida controller, and, from rdworks it seems to work. Rdworks give me the possibility to chose witch laser I want to use for cutting each shape and the diode seems to work well. The problem is that in Lightburn I can’t see the second laser option. I have search inside the cut settings, but there isn’t the option fro the second laser. There is a way to force Lightburn to detect the second laser? I have to change something inside the ruida controller to enable Lightburn to recognize the second laser?

Do you have laser 2 enabled on the controller?

i don’t know how to enable it on controller (my controller is a ruida, don’t remember the model), but inside rdworks the second laser work. Do you know ehere in the controller interface i can enable the second laser?

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