Second pass is larger than first pass

Laser: LM2 Pro, LU2-4

I’m running into an issue that is baffling me. I’m trying to do a multi-pass burn on Ceramic Tile, the file is rather large, as is the media. I have layered paint, and after the first pass I run a second pass and the second pass lines up on one edge (top side, for instance), but it’s like the image has ‘grown’ in size and is slightly larger than the first pass, and at the bottom it’s burning the image slightly lower, causing the entire image to look blurry.

Not sure what is causing this, but I’ve noticed it on a couple of different jobs, different days, different weeks, even. This happens when it completes the burn, and returns to ‘center’, and I click the same burn it just completed. Initially, I had a second image with a much higher contrast to burn deeper and reveal other colors below the top, and I thought maybe that was the problem. I’ve tried running the same layer a second time, and that’s when I saw it happening again. Fortunately, I’m just wasting a few bucks in paint, but it’s getting to be more of an annoyance now - and a bigger challenge.


Please share some screenshots and your results, illustrating what you are asking about. It is not easy to “see” what you are saying. :slight_smile:

Are you running the file once and then running it again? Or do you have the number of passes set to more than one?

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