Seeing double red dots

So, all of a sudden my laser wouldn’t vut through 3mm birch on the left side of the bed. I read some things saying maybe mirrors, or material not flat etc. The material is laying flat and the bed is in concert with the laser head across the working area.
I cleaned my mirrors and lens when I noticed I was seeing 2 red dots.
Then I decided to see if he red dot is aligned, and what I figure is the proper dot seemed good.
Now I try to cut a circle and this happens. This is on single pass.

Any ideas on what is all of a sudden causing this. I did see some scars on the lens, but had a spare brend new lens and that didn’t help.

OK, so I think this was a problem with mirror alignment. I tweaked the mirrors as best as I could and the problem no longer exists.

On a side note does anybody know how to properly align the mirrors on the Omtech Polar. I was able to get the Y axis perfect, but could not find a way to adjust the X axis, so I had yo leave it as close enough.

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